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Mr. Cool, continued

DOS conversion hopefully done. It does the same PCjr detection as the original game, and runs the appropriate EXE. The start file contains the protected sector, so it’s just moved in memory when the game tries to read it, and the highscore is saved to a file instead of a sector on the floppy.

Ctrl-Q quits and whatnot, it’s all in the readme.


About Trixter

I am a child of the early 1980s, defined by the personal computer explosion and post-modern style of that era. Despite that upbringing, I am not a Mac lover (although I don't hate them either). My hobbies are centered on a particular pocket of the Nerd universe that includes the demoscene, MobyGames, Mindcandy DVDs, and 8088/CGA assembler programming. There is a trend there -- see if you can find it in my writing. My parents made sure I witnessed the first launch of the Space Shuttle, and also the first broadcast hour of MTV (which, coincidentally, also included a launch of the Space Shuttle). I think that says a lot about who I am.

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